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Protoge Hoop by Prodigy Hoops

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly endless supply of social justice hoop warriors, this hoop has very little credibility currently.  If you enjoy waiting in long lines and receiving obscure answers from your customer service reps, then the Protoge from Prodigy Hoops is just for you!  In a month long campaign on Kickstarter, Prodigy Hoops made almost $100k in revenue.  That is unheard of in the hoop community! By selling programmable smart hoops for around half the price of similar hoops, Prodigy Hoops has accomplished what most hoop companies dream of.
But can they handle the massive order load?
That has yet to be determined.  Hoops were originally supposed to start shipping in April, but after 9 months (mazel tov!) of excruciating excuses and many, many claims that the hoop was currently shipping, it looks like the hoops are finally about to ship! In fact, Jon claims that they have shipped, but won’t be able to update any tracking information yet. We will keep you posted here to if the hoops actually ever do truly ship and what the customers are saying about it in terms of quality and customer service.

Protoges were also supposed to be available to try at Electric Forest, but money of many different delays kept that promise from coming true.  Much like the one of sending hoops out into the community for people to try for free, before buying one.

Information about the hoop: The Protoge currently only comes in 11/16th tubing, but the shop owner has claimed he will make standard tubing sizes availble (and free for all current backers) soon.  He also claims that they have motion detection, like Psi Hoops and you can do lots of other stuff too.  Frankly, none of it has been proven yet, so writing here seems pointless. I’m still expecting backers to receive packages filled only with shipping peanuts and an inspiration message, thanking them for their everlasting patience.

Our advice? Don’t buy this hoop. It honestly doesn’t look like it quite can stack up to hoops like the Hyperion, Flux, Phoenix, and Futurehoop.  Also, we have yet to see how long it will take for hoops to ship, or how durable they will be.  And the customer service is most likely going to be abhorrent, after everything we have witnessed from Jon so far.


**Update** 12/12/2016 One hoop has been successfully delivered and looks good! Now the question is how quickly can they ship the rest of the hoops out? Then, will they be able to sustain the high work loads that come with their low price?

**Update** 1/10/2017 Still only one hoop has been shipped. The other backers who claimed to receive tracking numbers do not have hoops.  The last update Jon gave his backers claimed hoops would be shipped by New Years, but there is still nothing going out. The backers are becoming more and more restless everyday.