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Future Hoop by Moodhoops

The Future Hoop has become one of the most well known smart hoops around and there’s a good reason for that!  It is the best smart hoop in terms of durability and customer service reputation.  It features a no LED gap, hundreds of patterns to choose from, a remote to control and customize the patterns, and different price options to fit anyone’s budget!  The remote is relatively easy to decipher, unlike that of the ZL Hula Hoop.  But, Moodhoops still have a tutorial explaining everything you need to know. Plus, this is one of the only smart hoops available in lightweight 5/8″ tubing.  Whether you choose the shuffle, remote, or pro version, you are sure to love your Future hoop for years to come.


FH-square2-510x510 moodhoops-futureHoop-shuffle_0003-510x510

moodhoops-futurehoop-big-01-510x510 moodhoops-futurehoop-remote-pro_0004-510x510