LED Artistry Synth

With 170 patterns, this hoop is easily one of the best Smart Hoops on the market.  It is extremely versatile, which makes it great for every type of hooper.  It is durable and can withstand a decent amount of abuse, which makes it perfect for beginners.  Performers will love this hoop too, because of all the different choice of patterns it presents.  As far as quality goes, the Synth is top notch.  The weight is very light and well balanced. The LEDs are very bright, even on the hoops dimmest setting.  The only issue with the Synth is its uncertain wait time.  The current wait for one of these hoops is around 3 months.  But, this company has been known to give inaccurate time estimates before.  For instance, their website was supposed to be up and running over 6 months ago.  But, all in all, this really is a great hoop.  LED Artistry’s Synth is definitely worth your time and money.



Mind-Bending Patterns


Light Weight

Has the Ability to Choose Single Modes

Solid-Color Patterns


No Battery Gap



Not Collapsible

Long Wait Time

Limited Options in Size

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  1. Dave McKenzie
    Dave McKenzie November 5, 2013 at 10:05 pm |

    Number one choice for me, love the Synth. Had it just over a year, with great performance the whole time. Sent it in for a few upgrades, can’t wait to have it back. The quality of this hoop really is top notch and well worth the price.

  2. Sarah
    Sarah November 5, 2013 at 10:54 pm |

    Definitely true on all accounts! I have played with a synth and it is a beautiful piece of work, a delight to see. But not only is the wait time ridiculous (I’ve been waiting now for 5 months), I cannot seem to get a response from them when I email asking for updates. I sent them an email a month ago, and again last week, and haven’t heard a word.

  3. Auntie Rainbow
    Auntie Rainbow January 11, 2014 at 10:12 am |

    I’ve had my synth since my birthday a year ago (november 26th, 2012) and have been in absolute love with it. I’ve shattered the processor a couple of times cuz i’m a hard hooper and when I do waist breaks the hoop gives with my arms… woops… but I’ve always gotten it back in great time or they just give me a brand new one with the upgrades. This last time it broke was the tubing broke when I was moving in-10 degree weather, not anyones fault but my own. And they had me a new one an inch smaller and upgraded within a week. It is hands down the BEST smart hoop I have used and I’ve played with every one out in the market right now. And with the new upgrades the processor is a 2 piece connected by a ribbon so I can’t shatter it and instead of 4 rechargable aa batteries with a 3 1/2 hour didn’t turn it off once on full brightness life it has 2 rechargable lithium batteries for a…. almost 8 hour + haven’t turned it off once on full brightness life. I love the easy one hour plug in charge. The fact I have 2 banks to save my favorite settings in, 3 different random modes, and a dimmer. I love this hoop with all of my heart and soul. I never leave home without it.

    thank you led artistry for completing all of my hooping needs. I can’t wait for you to release your new hoop so I can get that too… getting the programmig, making my own designs, downloading songs to the program and making designs to go along to it for a performace piece, blue tooth compatible… sounds pretty epic to me.

  4. Jess Gets Down
    Jess Gets Down January 18, 2014 at 9:37 pm |

    Great hoop: awful customer service.

    I write this review in hopes I can save every one of you who may be considering purchasing a Synth Hoop from LED Artistry from making a huge mistake. While the hoop itself is beautifully made, fun to play with, and loaded with unique light patterns; the hassle of dealing with Heather and David is not worth it.
    I put my name on the list for a hoop in November of 2012, was sent a PayPal invoice on February 5th, 2013, and purchased my hoop the same day. My hoop did not arrive
    to me until mid March even though I was told I’d have it in two weeks. I sent them a few emails wondering about my hoop and when it arrived I was so excited.
    I played with it until August 2013 when I noticed a light was out. I emailed LED Artistry and asked about getting it fixed while voicing my concerns about how long it would take. This was part of Heather’s response,
    “We should be repairing your hoop within a week of receiving it. Most likely a couple days since it should be an easy fix.”
    I sent my hoop to them on October 25th as I had a performance and I didn’t want to risk not having my hoop. It arrived to them on November 1st. I emailed them on November 5th to make sure they had received my hoop. No response. I emailed them again on November 26th and let them know that I was upset, worried my hoop would not be back to me in time for performances I had lined up, and demanded a response. Heather replied with a list of excuses about money, China, having a job, and Synth upgrades. I was okay with an upgrade, but an email to let me know things were going to take longer would have been nice.
    On December 20th Heather emailed and said,
    “We’ll be able to ship your hoop out tomorrow, Saturday 12/21. I’ll send you the Paypal money request now. It will be from my personal Paypal (Heather/TalkingHeathersHemp)”
    I paid the invoice of $39 that same day and asked for my tracking number on December 24th.
    Heather replied with some excuse about having to make Christmas presents and said
    “He’s (David) going to be doing up your hoop then (Christmas) and it will be going out Thursday. Tracking # will be coming on Thursday.”
    Wait a minute, I thought my hoop was already done? On Janurary 2nd I asked for my tracking number again. Heather responded with yet another list of excuses,
    “Hi Jess! Our internet has been super patchy the past few days. We were all ready to ship your hoop out yesterday evening but the internet would not work so, we had to wait until it did to print labels and guides. We can not pay at the Post Office since what we’ve charged people for was the online prices of shipping. The Post Office charges so much more in person so, tracking # is coming soon. Please forgive us for the delay. The hits just keep on coming for us, it seems.”
    On January 4th Heather asked for my address even though they were going to send my hoop out several times before this. On January 9th Heather said,
    “Thanks so much! We’ll be shipping it out tomorrow with our pick up unless I can get a ride to the Post Office today.”
    I received my tracking info on January 11th. As I tracked my package I became very confused as my hoop was circling back and forth between Syracuse, NY and Rochester, NY. I emailed Heather on January 15th and told her this was happening and that I would be calling USPS that day. After waiting on the phone for a half hour with USPS I talked to someone who was just as confused as me. She sent an alert to the post office in New York letting them know my hoop must have been placed in the wrong bin and no one had noticed. I emailed Heather and let her know that on January 17th I received a message from USPS that my hoop had been lost in transit because it was incorrectly labeled by the sender! My hoop finally arrived last night and when I turned it on I noticed a BROKEN LED LIGHT! I have emailed Heather several times since she sent my hoop and have not gotten a response. I have asked for an extended warranty as I have been without my hoop for nearly three months, told her that if my hoop arrived damaged I wanted a loaner hoop until mine was sent back in working condition. I am so pissed about this whole situation! I have been lied to several times, ignored, and completely disrespected. If I wanted to send my hoop in to get the light fixed I would have to pay for the shipping each way even though I just did that. Heather and David, you should be ashamed for the way you handle your business. I will NEVER recommend your product to any one. The hooping community is a close community and when you treat one of us this way you treat all of us this way.
    So, save yourself the trouble and buy another hoop!

    1. Sam
      Sam January 28, 2014 at 7:06 pm |

      Wow this is spot on with what i’m going through. Except on January 9th she told me her Grandmother had died and that’s why it was taking so long. Lying about something like that brings bad karma. Who would have the heart to do that…. my grandmother died a little under a year ago and it still pains me to think about it. She is heartless.

  5. Pippin
    Pippin September 22, 2014 at 12:30 am |

    I recently purchased a Synth second hand from another hooper. I have been trying to get in contact with LED Artistry since about four months before Christmas of 2013. Heather said I would be able to get my hoop by Christmas and said she would send an invoice. Thank goodness she never got around to that, because I think I would be in the same boat with a lot of people and would have not received my hoop.

    So, I paid about full market value for my Synth. One of the LEDs is sometimes red/purple in some of the modes, but I actually really like this. Its fun for isolation variants, something I do a lot of. It adds character and honestly isn’t distracting from the patterns which are absolutely mind melting. Mine is a first generation so I can’t save custom patterns, but the ultimate shuffle mode is perfect.

    I’m excited for my next performance when I’ll be using my Synth + the Evoke as a doubles set. Overall, I’m really happy with it. Sometimes it rattles when I do breaks. My kitten has chewed on it, as she does with all the LEDs (goofball), and its holding up A-okay. Overall, I want to give this hoop a good review. The hoop itself is fine. But reading everyone’s terrible experiences… I am really glad I bought this off of another hooper and not from the company themselves. It wouldn’t be worth the heartache.

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