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Finding Your Way As a Shy Flow Artist

5 years ago, I was just a quiet teenage girl, wishing desperately that I could release my inhibitions and let go on the dance floor, like all my peers.  I had several friends, most of whom were extroverts who adopted me.  However, I didn’t have any real hobbies or anything to help me relax as well as meet new people and learn new things.  So, when my boyfriend and I were sitting down, listening to the worst excuse for a romantic rap dubstep duo at a local Valentine’s day rave, my entire life changed as the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen stood in the middle of the dance floor and lite up her blaze LED hoop from Moodhoops.

I personally have always enjoyed hula hooping.  As a child, I was never very athletic or coordinated.  However, I could hula hoop longer than any of my friends.  It used to be my one of my favourite activities!  So, trying it again as an adult was more than fun.  However, I’m aware that most adults have always had trouble waist hooping, and that’s perfectly fine too!

Anyway, it took me probably about 3 years before I made any friends or gained any sort of recognition.  I had been quietly lurking on hoopcity for a while, but rarely ever posted videos or questions.  Eventually, I started seeing questions from new hoopers and found that I usually had some good advice for them.  Then, when Unity of the Hula Hoopers emerged on the scene, suddenly, I was friends with all these different hoopers, who I had been watching for years.  I even got to meet a few when I won a free ticket to Kinetic Fire!

Since then, and with the aid of different facebook groups full of spinners, I have made many incredibly talented friends who are always there to give me great advice when life gets tough.  We may meet up once or twice a year to spin, or we may just dream about meeting for years. However, I know my family of flow artists will always be there to have my back when I need them!

So, if you find that you are without a good support system already, joining forces with hoopers can be a great way to build up your friend circle!  However, remember that with most things in life, the majority of people you will meet through this hobby will not be introverted like you.  They will enjoy yelling and screaming with joy; they will see you across a busy area and shout your name and wave until every person within the immediate vicinity is staring at you and you alone.  They will want to paint your face, push you onto stage, and suffocate you in hugs until you can’t even remember what it was like to have a personal bubble.  But at the end of the day, as long as you are honest and genuine with your quest to achieve the zen of flowdom, you will no doubt gain a family of friends who are there to aid you in whatever they can and always shower you in love.

If you find yourself struggling to make friends, facebook groups can help tremendously.  There are groups for each state in the US, as well as big international groups like Infinite Circles Community.  These, or simple google searches can lead you to flow events within your area where you can meet people who share the same interests and goals as you!  However, if you’d prefer to stay inside alone with your cats as your only hoop critics, that’s okay too.  Just as long as you keep spinning.


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