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Ruby Hooping Review

Ruby Hooping is a complete hooping brand dedicated to spreading hoop peace and love to all.  With plenty of premade LED hoops to choose from, Ruby also delivers with its “Build Your Own” option, starting at a reasonable $99! However, with only 10 LEDs to choose from, and all solid or strobing colors (no ribbon or multi-colored strobes) this price can feel a bit steep.  But, for a mere $20 more, you can build your own 20 LED hoop!  The price is actually very reasonable, considering the high quality that goes into th crafting of each individual hoop.  All hoops are hand made from your choice of Polypro or HDPE and feature a sleek, inner connector to ensure a lightweight and perfectly balanced LED hoop. Check out #TeamRuby to see just what this brand is all about!


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