Prodigy “Feals” Shipping Should Resume “Soon”

What’s the one topic that’s sure to start an argument in any facebook hoop group?  That’s right, it’s the Promised Hoop.  The Hoop so good, backers have been waiting a year for it.

Since it’s been weeks since their last update, in which hoops were promised to start shipping “soon,” Prodigy finally decided to release a new update, just in time for Valentine’s Day! And, the best news is that Jon has promised backers that shipping will resume “soon.” He also claims to have spent money on security and web cams for his small shop so he can live stream his hoop building process and prove to everyone that he really is working hard.  I assume these web feeds will be available to backers “soon.”

*Notice his poor spelling attempt with “feal”

Will Protoges ever ship out to backers?  At this point it seems unlikely, but you never know.  It would just be nice if they could get some more information on why exactly the hoops are taking so long to ship.  It seems so strange that he needs all this time to make some hoops.  He doesn’t need to make all 400 at once, he can easily make them one at a time and start shipping them out.  Things just aren’t adding up with this smart hoop, and it seems that backers are really starting to get worried.  With more and more refunds being requested every day, and new expenses like cameras popping up, it seems eminent that Jon will run out of money before shipping out the remaining Protoge hoops (which is all of them).  But, we wish every backer the best of luck and hope you all receive the smart hoop of your dreams very soon!

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