Best LED Hoop Reviews

Cosmic Hooper

Cosmic Hooper’s Emporium of Bliss is possibly the best LED hoop your money can buy!  These hoops are a bit pricier than most basic LED hoops, but for good reason.  Cosmic Hoops are built with long lasting quality in mind, so the odds of needing to use the 1 year warranty are relatively low.  And with dozens of LEDs to choose from, these hoops may also be the easiest to customize for your individual taste.  All hoops are made with an inner connector and battery, which means a lot less battery life than your average LED.  But the advantages are a much better weighted hoop and easy on/off switch.  Plus, the super cool convertible minis and 4-section hoops provide you with more battery life, without compromising on weight distribution!  Even though the price of these hoops is higher than average, they start at $80 for 12 LEDs, so they are certainly still affordable! And since the current wait time for a Cosmic Hoop is only 1-2 weeks, it’s hard to see why anyone would choose any other brand brand.



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