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ZL Hoop by ZL Hula Hoops

Zillion Lights Hula Hoops wants to provide you with the best, all around smart hoop! With over 1000 patterns and 1 week shipping time, this hoop is a force to be reckoned with.  The ZL hoop may be the first Smart Hoop to be completely water resistant and to allow for at home re-tubing. It comes preloaded with 1000+ patterns and features a remote that allows the user to customize each mode in different ways.  The remote is extremely challenging to decipher, but the instruction manual and online video tutorials area great help.  Another downfall of the ZL hula hoop is that it currently features a bulky, outer cuff connection.  But, this is what allows the hoop to resist dirt and water so well.  The battery is compacted neatly away inside the inner tube of the hoop, with the outer connection protecting it from any outside danger. And, the price tag of $379 isn’t bad either.  The ZL hoop is the perfect option for anyone looking for a preloaded smart hoop that will set them apart from the crowd.  With the standard one year warranty and short one week shipping time, the risk that comes along with buying one is minimal.  And the option to re-tube the entire hoop, for just the price of the tubing, is a great advantage for any hooper.  No more paying hundreds of dollars every couple of years to repair your hoop!  The ZL smart hoop really is a fresh take on the idea of smart hoop.  Every bit of this hoop has been carefully thought out and engineered and it shows in everything from the balance of the hoop (we always recommend ordering the counterweight version), to the packaging of the accessories it comes with.  If you want a hoop made with care, choose one from Zillion Lights.










9 thoughts on “ZL Hoop by ZL Hula Hoops”

  • There have been a few issues with this company….. so much so that the review may need changed. Message Brittany Davis and Kiani Lusby for more info on FB

    • Thank you, but we are actually aware of both reviews. Unfortunately they are very heavily laced in personal drama, so they aren’t the most accurate to take into account. However, we are giving away the hoop that was sent to our headquarters to review in the first place for this very reason! We anxiously await to hear the opinions of the winner who receives this hoop.

  • Love this hoop! Unfortunately it’s getting discredited so much due to all of the drama that has been happening involving this hoop. Hopefully people will just give it a try and find out how great of a product it is and make their own decisions about the hoop from experience rather than listening to drama andrama rumors.

  • Beware of all the Social Justice Warriors from the Prodigy Clan that are spreading false rumors and disinformation. Maybe more focus should be put on delivering their product, rather than chasing around companies that have delivered. Ship under 5 business days and have been reviewed over and over.

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