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Protoge Hoop by Prodigy Hoops

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly endless supply of social justice hoop warriors, this hoop has very little credibility currently.  If you enjoy waiting in long lines and receiving obscure answers from your customer service reps, then the Protoge from Prodigy Hoops is just for you!  In a month long campaign on Kickstarter, Prodigy Hoops made almost $100k in revenue.  That is unheard of in the hoop community! By selling programmable smart hoops for around half the price of similar hoops, Prodigy Hoops has accomplished what most hoop companies dream of.
But can they handle the massive order load?
That has yet to be determined.  Hoops were originally supposed to start shipping in April, but after 9 months (mazel tov!) of excruciating excuses and many, many claims that the hoop was currently shipping, it looks like the hoops are finally about to ship! In fact, Jon claims that they have shipped, but won’t be able to update any tracking information yet. We will keep you posted here to if the hoops actually ever do truly ship and what the customers are saying about it in terms of quality and customer service.

Protoges were also supposed to be available to try at Electric Forest, but money of many different delays kept that promise from coming true.  Much like the one of sending hoops out into the community for people to try for free, before buying one.

Information about the hoop: The Protoge currently only comes in 11/16th tubing, but the shop owner has claimed he will make standard tubing sizes availble (and free for all current backers) soon.  He also claims that they have motion detection, like Psi Hoops and you can do lots of other stuff too.  Frankly, none of it has been proven yet, so writing here seems pointless. I’m still expecting backers to receive packages filled only with shipping peanuts and an inspiration message, thanking them for their everlasting patience.

Our advice? Don’t buy this hoop. It honestly doesn’t look like it quite can stack up to hoops like the Hyperion, Flux, Phoenix, and Futurehoop.  Also, we have yet to see how long it will take for hoops to ship, or how durable they will be.  And the customer service is most likely going to be abhorrent, after everything we have witnessed from Jon so far.


**Update** 12/12/2016 One hoop has been successfully delivered and looks good! Now the question is how quickly can they ship the rest of the hoops out? Then, will they be able to sustain the high work loads that come with their low price?

**Update** 1/10/2017 Still only one hoop has been shipped. The other backers who claimed to receive tracking numbers do not have hoops.  The last update Jon gave his backers claimed hoops would be shipped by New Years, but there is still nothing going out. The backers are becoming more and more restless everyday.




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  • Hi. I’m a backer of the Prodigy project and I have a few bits of actual information to add to this irrelevant review. First, the backer hoops are being shipped in 11/16th for TIME purposes. The tubing is custom made and shipped from China and requires a lot of testing before being made into hoops. A survey was taken and most people wanted the 11/16th size tubing, they are being offered a completely free retube in 5/8 or 3/4 when those tubing sizes are available, which are currently being tested in China for shipping. Also, wait time… as backers, majority agreed to wait longer for more specs, better innovations, and new parts to be made specifically for the Protege that also required to be manufactured because those parts simply did not exist. Shipping… the hoops are shipping. I have shipping confirmation and order process update from UPS, which I doubt Jon would take a scam so far as to scam UPS too, that’s absurd. It was already discussed amongst the Prodigy Family that shipping would be slow for the first day or two then progress exponentially. If you bothered to watch any of the videos you would of seen the whole building process in video and see how efficient it is, but also human built (the system not the hoops) may have some error and need tweaking-like feeding the LED strip into the hoop, etc. Finally, the fact that this hoop hasn’t hit the actual market completely discredits this review as you have never played with one and can’t give an actual review. This is strictly biased hearsay and for a supposed “LED review” website, rating “best LEDs” seems unprofessional. I would hope that when you get to actually play with a Protege or Tesla, you give an honest review.

      • First of all, the tubing is being manufactured in California, not China, from a company called Poly Extrusions.

        Second, Jon felt the 11/16″ smart tubing would be revolutionary in the smart hoop industry (as no one else offers smart hoops in 11/16″) so he didn’t create it for “time purposes”; He simply didn’t create any other sized smart tubing for time purposes. Given how long its taken him to create the 11/16″ smart tubing I highly doubt anyone will see smart tubing in 5/8″ or 3/4″, no matter how long you wait.

        Your assertion that hoops are shipping is false, as your review was created in November 2016 and it is now February 2017 and only one person has a hoop.

        I’ve seen the videos and there is nothing but fluff and fancy machines. If any of those videos meant ANYTHING you’d see more hoops shipped but alas, the fancy machinery isn’t doing much for producing hoops right now, for god only knows what reason. They appear to be a huge waste of money considering no hoops are shipping and Jon is all but refusing to issue refunds, meaning the nearly $100k he raised is most assuredly spent and gone.

        Lets not also forget that hoops were on trucks to be delivered as of Black Friday according to Jon but that proved to be a lie as well.

        Jon is a liar and a scammer despite what you tell yourself to feel better about losing $214. Educate yourself, please, before attempting to post another comment regarding what you obviously don’t know.

  • Reviewing a hoop that isn’t even available yet doesn’t seem very creditable and honestly just seems as though you’ve got a chip on your shoulder. And it’s *11/16th tubing, not 11/18.

  • How are you dumbass’ reviewing a hoop that is not out yet? Everyone who has played with a prodigy has loved it.

    Why claim zlhoops is great when every review has been negitive?

    • You and all of you that attacked and don’t stop attacking ZL Hoop are just jealous because the ZL Hoop is a game changer smart hoop. The only smart hoop with a Smart Pattern Technology on the market, water resistant, no led gap and removable battery and many other options that none of the smart hoops have,
      Negative reviews? This is a jock! The competition is so afraid of this hoop that sent out all their promoters to bully ZL Hoop. What they forgot is that Astral Evoke is breaking every day, Hyperion also,and others. the same, and promoters lie to the community every day. The should fix theirs issues till now instead to make a business from repairing hoops and ripping off people.
      The better way to check reviews for ZL Hoop go and read the real customers reviews on their website.

  • Really accurate saying how you’ve never even held one in your hands? This is a bogus and biased review. The hoops just started shipping this past Friday and are on their one in groups to the patient backers who deserve the best product, and guess what THEY’RE GONNA GET IT! I’m almost positive you probably don’t own all of the other mentioned smart hoops above to be able to compare them accurately. This needs to be removed and rewritten when the public has access to purchase a Protege. Then the truth will come out. As for ZL hoops, the review seen there makes me think a butt buddy of theirs wrote this article too. If not that then you’ve got to be a butt hurt backer that couldn’t deal with the IMPROVEMENTS being made on their Protege product. The hoops physically(not so much the lights those are whatever) are terrible and the company itself has made many broken promises and it’s ruined a lot of the hooping community. It’s very sad. This whole post is pathetic, please consider removing this and writing the truth when you’re able to afford(which is easy because prodigies are affordable as hell! And worth it! So it shouldn’t take long to own once on the market) and actually test one out for yourself.

  • Writing a review for a hoop that isn’t even available for purchase yet. So your “warning” does nothing. You sound catty and uninformed.

    • Actually, this informed a kit of people that scam businesses are everywhere in all shapes and sizes. This one person stole +$95K from hard working, passionate , innocent people. I’d rather put my money in a hoop I can receive in a few weeks than one I probably won’t ever get at all.

  • Is this hoop ever going to be released or delivered? The owner seems to have been way over their head when they accepted almost $100k on backer orders. At $200 a piece, he is now expected to deliver around 500 Hula Hoops. If it takes you an average of 3 hours to make a hula hoop, considering that you have all the parts for it readily available and made, it would take you 1,500 hours to make all 500 hoops. That’s almost 63 days if you continuously work 24/7 which is evidently impossible. Supposedly they shipped to the backers last week but there is no new information on whether they have been delivered yet or not…. seems like a serious scam to me. Also, some backers have been posting screenshots that the owner, Jonathan is avoiding messages about issuing refunds.

  • We are backer 1 for the Prodigy hoops. Jonathon posted a video stating all the money was stolen from him and he didn’t press charges against the person either. Jonathon is a liar and we have been asking for a refund for months. We lost $400.

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