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Flux LED Hoop by Proton Labs

The Flux LED Hoop is the newest creation to be born from Proton Labs.  You may remember them for the Helix Hoop, which helped pave the way for all smart hoops we have to choose from now.  The Flux is basically the new and improved version.  It’s sound reactive, motion reactive, has an LED screen, is lighter and even has more memory than the Helix for patterns!  Proton Labs boasts, too, that the Flux will operate on all major operating systems and is better built than any other smart hoop on the market.  While the $450 price tag is a bit steep, if Proton Labs delivers on all its promises, that price will well be worth it.  It is still not the most expensive smart hoop on the market (*cough cough* Phoenix).  With special graphic design, Proton Labs has made this the most intense looking smart hoop on the planet.  This means patterns will look cleaner and crisper and more “HD” than on any other smart hoop!  The Flux is our current choice for BEST LED HOOP available.

HOOPREVIEW RATING: A Life-changing Hoop Experience

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