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Phoenix Hoop by Spin-FX

The Phoenix is the brainchild of Hoopdaddy, but has been since handed over to the very capable hands of Spin-FX.  The updated 2016 version of the Phoenix hoop includes: up to 4 hour battery life, 2 hour quick charge time, brighter LEDS, an upgraded power button, and a new bluetooth system compatible with both IOS & Android!  Plus, the Phoenix has a great pattern designer system which allows you to upload any image you want to use as a pattern on the hoop, just like the Hyperion.  The main differences between this hoop and the Hyperion is the Phoenix features a gapless design, and has and internal battery.  The Hyperion has about an inch gap to allow you to use interchangeable batteries to keep the hoop glowing all night long. But if you are a hooper looking for the brightest hoop with the crispest and most unique patterns, the Phoenix may be the best choice for you!


Price: $399 ($10 off with code HOOPREVIEW)


SpinFX-156-Edit_webcom LL_Heart

RB_Sidebend LL_Cherry

Rainbow_phoenix_centered_blkback_webcom Multi_Phoenix_Rainbow_webcom



2 thoughts on “Phoenix Hoop by Spin-FX”

  • I love my 2016 Phoenix Hoop, but the charging port SUCKS, but I must say they have GREAT, customer service…. They get an A+ in my book……. thanks team FX

  • This hoop has many customization options which allow you to put any patterns you like on it (or even make your own). If you have multiple hoops, they are able to be synched together which is amazing if you do performances. The reason I rate this product 2 stars is that the hoop breaks way too easily. My hoops have broken 6 times in the last 5 months and with the frequency of them breaking increasing as time goes on. I own two of these hoops, one is very new, and they still both break just as frequently. I just got one of my hoops back and did one performance for a wedding and its already broken from doing normal tricks with no accidents. The problems are usually solder related since that is the explanation I get almost every time. The biggest inconvenience is not having my hoops when I need them for performances because most of the time at least one of my hoops is in repair. I’ve had this hoop for over 2 years and although customer service is nice and always works with me, this has always been the issue.

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