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Citiva Creationz LED Hoops Review

Citiva Creationz is one of the longest running and most trusted LED hoop companies around!  Based in the Midwest of the USA, Citva provides hoopers with reliable customer service and extremely customizable LED hoops.  Chose custom sizes, custom polypro tubing… you can even choose from dozens of different LEDs to create your own perfect and unique hoop.  Citiva Creationz even makes sure to make their hoop-smithing process as eco friendly as possible.  And make sure to check out their sister shop, Indika Creationz, which provides hoopers with flowy hoop clothing all made from sustainable fabrics! With some of the best quality hoops and customer service around, you can’t go wrong with Citiva Creationz!




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  • We can do a melt hoop with the LEDs spaced apart normally around the hoop like the strobe hoop design, or we can do the strobe LEDs in sections spaced apart like the melt hoop design! Please include a note with your order, or if you’ve already placed your order send us a message so we can add a note to your order!

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